Sample Day

Camper activities include: canoeing, kayaking, horseback riding, swimming, hiking, rappelling, basketball, archery, ceramics, fishing, rock climbing, low ropes, tennis, and arts and crafts.

A sample day begins as follows:

Breakfast – Campers start the day with the most important meal of the day in the St. Bernard Dining Hall where we share our mornings with each other with a prayer.

Session 1 – The typical day is broken up into sessions, as different groups of campers will experience different activities at different times. These sessions have different counselors instructing campers in the proper techniques and safe ways to enjoy the different activities.

Session 2 – One of the sessions the campers get to participate in includes team-building exercises. These short activities build teamwork, cooperation, communication, and leadership skills within our campers. They may have to navigate a “river of lava,” work their way through a Giant Spider Web, or talk without speaking…

Lunch – Campers get to take a break from the June heat of Alabama and rest in our Dining Hall where they receive another nutritious meal from our dining hall staff!

Session 3 – Various water activities go on all week at St. Bernard, including swimming, fishing, canoeing, and Blobbing on our Lake Placid. One of the favorite off-campus activities is spending the afternoon at the Cullman Aquatic Center with diving boards, water slides, and a lazy river.

Session 4 – Campers express themselves in different ways, and to make sure everyone has an area in which they can excel, we offer an arts and crafts area where students can learn some of the basics of ceramics with a local artisan. Campers also have an opportunity to make their own candles in the candleshop at the monastery.

Dinner – Campers once again frequent the Dining Hall for dinner served by our Chef Allie and her staff. One of the most popular times of the day, our campers pause to give thanks both for their food and something else important to them.

Evening Activities – For our campers who stay in the evenings, our staff tries offer a fun activity to wind down their day. Campers may watch movies in their respective dorms, play in a pool tournament in Founder’s Hall, or enjoy a Scavenger Hunt across our campus. Our counselors end every day with prayer and thanks for another great day at Camp St. Bernard!